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Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

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These lemon blueberry pancakes are heaven on earth, and that is no overstatement. They are ultra light and fluffy and taste fantastic. The lemon flavor comes through loud and clear and pairs extremely well with the fresh blueberries. Like our orange pancakes, the bright citrus flavor screams spring and summer. ... more

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Chicken Tagine

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This is another recipe my daughter tried from Ayesha Curry’s cookbook. It is called Chicken Tagine in her cookbook. I personally do not own a tagine so I feel kinda bad keeping the word in the recipe, a tagine is a conical pottery cooking vessel, I am sure you have ... more

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grilled shrimp with polenta cake

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So a good friend of mine says that one of my super powers is to look at what I have on hand and make a meal with it. My freezer’s are too full so I have been trying to not shop, which a few of you know is hard for ... more

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Easy Lobster Bisque

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This easy lobster bisque recipe is smooth and creamy, with a rich, condensed lobster flavor. It is easy to make, and is sure to satisfy your lobster craving, with chunks of lobster in every bite! What Does This Lobster Bisque Taste Like? This restaurant quality lobster bisque recipe is so ... more

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

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Here in California we are under a statewide Shelter in Place directive. There’s only so much house cleaning I can do to pass the time. So now it’s on to baking. I decided to bake some treats for my elderly mother and her neighbors and make little treat boxes for ... more

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