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Raspberry Lime Vodka Soda

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My favorite cocktail when I’m not in the mood for fussing is a Vodka Soda, combining a great vodka with sparkling water. I’ve elevated it just a notch with this Raspberry Lime Vodka Soda but it’s still a light and delightful cocktail. After months of indulgence, I think everyone tries ... more

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Seasons Change – Coconut Rhum Clement cocktail

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Fall can go by in a flurry. Even during a year when we have all slowed down considerably, it seems like we went right from Halloween to Holiday/Christmas so dang quickly. I like to savor fall and enjoy easing into the winter, both mentally and physically. Anything below 40 does ... more

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Cucumber Lime Vodka Splash

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Refreshing. Bubbly. Tasty! This bubbly cocktail is perfect for those days when you want a boozy drink and you’re craving something light and refreshing. Cucumber Lime Vodka Splash, made with only three ingredients, is a cocktail you (and your friends!) will love. Grab a glass, and let’s get started! To ... more

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Fresh Summer Watermelon Mojito with Chia

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Fresh Summer Watermelon Mojito with Chia | | Category: chia, chia seeds, cocktail, Cocktails, Crumby Cocktail Hour, fresh, lime, lime juice, mint, mojito, Patriotic, Recipes, Recipes For Two, Rum, Summer, summer cocktail, Tailgating, watermelon | Tags : ,

Fresh ingredients are the way to go to make the perfect summer cocktail – the Watermelon Mojito! This fruity twist on the classic Cuban mojito will make you feel like you’re lounging beneath the palms no matter where you are! I’m apparently obsessed with mojitos. For someone who swore to the heavens ... more

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5 Cocktails to drink on St Patrick’s Day

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on 5 Cocktails to drink on St Patrick’s Day | | Category: Baileys, chocolate, Cocktail Recipes, Cocktails, cream, Creme de Menthe, ginger beer, Green, Guinness, Ireland, Irish Coffee, lime, Luck of the Irish, mint, Mule, Paddy, St. Patrick's Day, Whiskey | Tags : ,

This Saturday is St Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone is Irish. Parades and parties will be taking place in pubs and bars across the world, and no doubt copious amounts of Guinness will be consumed. The day is a great excuse to have a celebrate and have a drink, even ... more

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Pomegranate Martini

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Pomegranate Martini | | Category: alcohol, apple juice, bartender, Booze, celebrate, cheers, cocktail, Cocktails, drink, Fall, fruity, Holiday, job, lime, lime zest, martini, orange juice, pink, pomegranate, shaker, simple syrup, Taste | Tags : ,

Today, I’m celebrating. Time to raise a glass and say “cheers!” I got the job! It seems appropriate to honor this news with a freshly made Pomegranate Martini, a simple recipe that is ideal for serving during the your guests during the holidays. If you set out all of your ... more

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Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail | | Category: aged rum, alcohol, alcoholic drink, berry, blueberries, blueberry, cherries, cherry, cocktail, Cocktails, Drinks, Fruit, garnish, lime, lime juice, mint, Patriotic | Tags : ,

Determined to create a cocktail that I could use to raise a glass in honor of those who served during Memorial Day, I created Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail, a blender drink topped with carbonated soda. It’s a refreshing drink that is prepared with aged rum, berries, lime juice, ... more

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Cantaloupe Margaritas

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Cantaloupe Margaritas | | Category: agave, Camarena, cantaloupe, Cinco de Mayo, citrus, cocktail, Cocktails, drink, Drinks, fajitas, fresh squeezed, happy hour, herb, honey, Juice, lemonade, lime, margarita, martini shaker, melon, melon baller, Mexican, mint, Party, salt, shaker, silver tequila, sugar, tacos, Taste, Tequila | Tags : ,

Read about the 7 health benefits of eating cantaloupe by clicking on the photo. In honor of Cinco de Mayo and my love affair with margaritas, I created a refreshing cocktail recipe – Cantaloupe Margaritas! I was equally inspired to try a new version of the standard lime Mexican cocktail by ... more

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