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Spicy Strawberry Watermelon Margarita

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A fruity, summery twist on a classic drink, this Spicy Strawberry Watermelon Margarita kicks up the heat and flavor a notch with strawberries and jalapeno-infused tequila! Those dog days of summer arrived long ago, and they’re showing no signs of any chill. How do we combat this? Boooooooooze. In the ... more

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5 Craft Beers You Need to Try

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on 5 Craft Beers You Need to Try | | Category: alcohol, ale, apple, apple ale, Beer, berry, Boulevard Brewing Company, brew, brewery, citrus, Cocktails, craft beer, Denver, Drinks, faves, Fruit, grapefruit, Great Divide, guava, happy hour, Jam Band, Kansas, Kansas City, Lawrence, Roadie, Salt Lake City, sour, tart, Uinta, unfiltered wheat, Utah | Tags : ,

I can’t say when it happened, but there’s not debating it now. I’ve clearly switched over from my former life as a red wine drinker to a true craft beer fan. Cheers to that! According to the Brewer’s Association, there were over 6,300 craft breweries in the United States as ... more

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Pomegranate Martini

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Pomegranate Martini | | Category: alcohol, apple juice, bartender, Booze, celebrate, cheers, cocktail, Cocktails, drink, Fall, fruity, Holiday, job, lime, lime zest, martini, orange juice, pink, pomegranate, shaker, simple syrup, Taste | Tags : ,

Today, I’m celebrating. Time to raise a glass and say “cheers!” It seems appropriate to honor good news with a freshly made Pomegranate Martini, a simple recipe that is ideal for serving your guests while entertaining. If you set out all of your ingredients in advance, this martini can be ... more

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Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail

By: LimeNMint Recipe Finder | Comments Off on Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail | | Category: aged rum, alcohol, alcoholic drink, berry, blueberries, blueberry, cherries, cherry, cocktail, Cocktails, Drinks, Fruit, garnish, lime, lime juice, mint, Patriotic | Tags : ,

Determined to create a cocktail that I could use to raise a glass in honor of those who served during Memorial Day, I created Berry Rum Smash with Lime Cocktail, a blender drink topped with carbonated soda. It’s a refreshing drink that is prepared with aged rum, berries, lime juice, ... more

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