Gunfire Grog.

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What is it good for? Gunfire Grog. To call it a cocktail would certainly be wrong but there exists a drink in British Army tradition that has caught my attention. Simply a rum ration added to a mug of strong black tea, the Gunfire was served as a form of ... more

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Rum Barrel.

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Straight to the rum show. Rum Barrel. The Rum Barrel is a drink that shows up on the menu of bona fide Tiki bars yet leads to some puzzlement regarding the recipe. And there is a good reason for this confusion. Like the Planter’s Punch – but even more so ... more

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Man O’ War.

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Wins by a neck. Man O’ War. While it might be quite a stretch to call the Man O’ War a classic cocktail, it’s such an interesting drink I think it’s worth a look. Details on its creation are thin on the ground and all we really know is that ... more

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(Stripped Down) Porn Star Martini.

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Oh, no – all my clothes have fallen off… (Stripped Down) Porn Star Martini. The cocktail classicist can become prone to an arrogant disdain for certain modern populist concoctions and being myself guilty of exactly such a weakness I decided it time to engage in some constructive catharsis around one ... more

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In search of the perfect Gin & Tonic.

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A tonic for the troops. In search of the perfect Gin & Tonic To find the perfect gin and tonic we need to start at the beginning. With history. Gin became a part of British culture in the 17th century via the Genever of the low countries yet was initially ... more

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